Board Of Directors

Oversees the entire entity of Mu Epsilon Theta National Catholic Sorority and provide assistance and guidance to existing, new, and future chapters.

Deanna - Chairwoman

Deanna Alvarez is the Chairwoman of the sorority. Aside from running all of the board meetings and reviewing and approving BOD’s budget, Charter Committee’s budget, and new charter budgets, she also oversees Charter Committee and works on building promotion of efforts for the Mu Epsilon Theta Foundation.

Francesca "Frenchi"-Secretary of Minutes

Francesca Heinz is our Secretary of Minutes. She records minutes for each of the board meetings, communicates with all of our chapters and charters for calendaring events and meeting times. She also schedules meetings with outside organizations and manages communication with our lawyer and insurance.

Molly - Alumnae Relations

Molly Bjerk is our Alumnae Relations director. She is in-charge of keeping our alumni updated on all future events, as well as gathering alumni for get-togethers. She also works with Mu Epsilon Theta Foundation to provide alumni with information for donations and appeals.


Tori O’Kane is our Treasurer. She creates the annual Board of Directors budget, along with keeping track of BOD’s income, as well as our new charters’ income and expenses. She also provides support to all of the chapters’ and charters’ Treasurers.

Ariana-Secretary of Communications

Ariana Banda is the Secretary of Communications. She sends out the Onyx newsletter twice a year to our sisters and does maintenance on the national website. She also constantly updates our social media accounts to keep our sisters up-to-date as much as possible.


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Would you like to volunteer?

Interested in helping BOD and being apart of the growth of our sorority or just have general questions about our organization?